How to use this site

Theatregoing has been built using blogging software (WordPress). Each entry comprises a text with supporting information and subject terms, published in the form of a post with its own unique URL or permalink.

Theatregoing can be searched or browsed in the following ways:

  • Search box: Available at the top of the right-hand column of every page – searches the complete text of every post.
  • Browse: Scroll through the site’s pages (links to the next page with older or newer posts are given at the foot of each page), or via the Archive and Calendar options on the right-hand column.
  • Classification terms: Select categories or tags given on the right-hand column (more information below). Please note that owing to the limitations of the current WordPress platform, it is not possible to conduct combined searches.

Each Theatregoing entry features a complete text or extract taken from a wide range of documentary sources. Each entry is in five or six parts:

  • Title: The published title of the original text.
  • Source: Publication details from the source of the text, including author; title; place, publisher and date of publication; and page references.
  • Production: Where a specific production is covered by the text, the author or the work, title, place of the performance, venue, and exact date (if available) are given.
  • Text: The verbatim text, with any gaps marked with an ellipsis (…) and any editorial inserts such as [sic] given in square brackets.
  • Comment: Background information on the author, text and subject of the text, including identification of production titles where relevant. Wikipedia links are given where these exist.
  • Links: Hyperlinks to the cited text where this is available online. Occasional supporting links to background information are also provided.

Each entry has been classified under three categories:

  • Country: The country of location for the text, with the name it had at the time to which the text refers.
  • Decades: Entries are marked by decades rather than specific years owing to the general nature of many of the texts. If a text ranges over more than a decade, it will be classified under each one.
  • Form: The type of theatrical performance (e.g. Dance, Music, Theatre) with subdivisions of these (e.g. Ballet, Opera, Music Hall).

The relevant categories are given at the foot of the post and link to other texts categorised in the same way. A list of all categories is provided on the right-hand column of any site page.

Each text has been subject indexed with keywords, or tags. The tags assigned to any text are given at the foot of the post and link to other texts tagged in the same way. A list of the main tags is given in Tag Cloud form on the right-hand column of any site page, followed by a listing of all of the tags used, subdivided as follows:

  • Authors – Authors of the works whose performances are documented.
  • Medium – The type of publication e.g. diary, letter, memoir, review.
  • Performers – Performers identified in the cited text (performers who were a part of the production but who are not mentioned are not tagged).
  • Places – The town or city in which the recorded production took place.
  • Subjects – General subjects covering aspects of theatregoing.
  • Titles – The theatrical productions covered by the text, where they can be identified, plus the surname of the author(s) of the work. The title given is that in its original language of composition, with English translation in brackets where relevant.
  • Venues – The theatres or other venues in which the recorded production took place, using (as far as possible) the name of the venue at the time of the production. The town or city where the venue was located is given in brackets afterwards.
  • Witnesses – Names of those whose eyewitness testimony has been quoted.

A select bibliography of works on theatregoing is provided, and further research aids will be added in time.

To cite a text on Theatregoing, use the Source given at the top of the entry plus the permalink provided at the foot of the entry. Please note that the texts have all been copied from another source, and there may be errors of transcription. Nothing on Theatregoing should be treated as a primary source. Example: Hans Christian Andersen, ‘A Visit to Charles Dickens’, Temple Bar, vol. 31, 1871, pp. 38-40,

Suggestions for texts that could be reproduced on this site should be made through the Contact form. This should also be used for general comments about the site.